Coinracer Mutants

What Are Coinracer Mutants?

Mutants are toxic/mutated version of every car on 1.0 and 2.0 collection. In the future they will have different performance and access to special events, which original non-mutated cars wont have.

How To Mutate?

Mutant gas station is set up on -​
If you have ToxicNFT, you can mutate straight away if you scroll down.
Mutation, if you have ToxicNFT
If you don't have ToxicNFT, you need to play the lottery to get one.
Ticket costs 500 CRACE and every ticket has 20% chance of dropping ToxicNFT into your wallet.
Toxic Fuel Lottery

Why Mutate

Mutated cars will have some advantages over original Coinracer cars. More fixed amount of ChipRace rewards per car and access to exclusive events and game modes.
Also they look badass.