Game Modes

F2P (Free To Play)

Users can participate in Singleplayer mode by driving the coinracer "Bolt" car. When you play in F2P mode, you will be able to participate in "Best time" tournaments. The top scorers on the leaderboard will split the prize pool grant.

PVP (Multiplayer)

There are two game modes in PVP (Multiplayer) mode. 1v1 and 2v2 battles Players will compete for the money that they have allocated to the prize pool. To participate in PVP mode, players must first mint a custom Coinracer NFT car. Cars will differ in appearance and style, but they will have no effect on the game mode. All competitors will have an equal chance of winning the race.

RUMBLE - (Multiplayer With NFT Upgrades)

RUMBLE - this PvP game mode allows you to use your upgraded NFT to compete against other racers, with your specific NFT car’s stats. That's right! You can purchase upgrades to increase your top speed, acceleration, nitro, and handling! We'll be bringing CSP 2.0 to this game mode to govern prize pools and how rewards are distributed.

CHIP RACE - (Multiplayer With NFT Upgrades)

CHIPRACE - this PvE and P2E game mode allows you to earn daily rewards while your NFT car drives autonomously. These rewards are based on your NFT upgrades; it will be linked to the database and a smart contract, which will be responsibile for the NFTs' value. You simply join a racing pool and let your NFT car earn you daily income! Detailed ChipRace reward system: