How To Play

Coinracer Game

Go ahead to and launch Coinracer.
Please refer to Game Modes to see which mode suits you the best.
To start playing follow next steps.
1) Create "Metamask" wallet.
2) Load your wallet with $CRACE tokens to participate in tournament.
Here you will find different sections: "Practice" , "Tournament" and "Leaderboard".

Practice mode

To start playing Coinracer simply connect your "Metamask" wallet with our game and create your personal account.
After your account is created you can start your racing journey in practice mode.


Coinracer has weekly tournaments with weekly prizes. Players compete for the best time on the leaderboard. Grand prizes will be awarded to those who finish among the first racers.
There are several ways to participate in tournament.
1) Buy Coinracer tournament "Pass" for 500 $CRACE. With this pass you will have unlimited attempts in a single tournament.
2) Use single try for 50 $CRACE. Purchase single try ticket for 50 $CRACE and shoot for your best time.
NB! If you have more than $25,000 in $CRACE, you will receive a -50 percent discount on a single try ticket.
What does the tournament look like? You must complete two laps as quickly as possible. Avoid going over the borders, as some of the jumps will slow you down.


The Coinracer Leaderboard displays real-time data from the backend database.
If you make it to the leaderboard, it will display your username and wallet credentials.