Coinracer Beta Release

Here you can see all the info and data about Beta release and its features

Coinracer Beta Gamemodes

Coinracer Beta will contain three new gamemodes in addition to the Alpha Tournaments, which will not be removed anytime soon.

P2E / PvP Multiplayer

In P2E and PvP players will be earning CRACE through CSP. How that works? In simple terms players will be contributing to the prize pool and winners will get the prize pool tokens.
What defines P2E / PvP multiplayer:
  • Only players with NFT cars can race.
  • Stats of the NFT car wont give any advantage - completely skill based.
  • 10% of the prize pool will be redistributed to staking pools, ChipRace pools and fees


ChipRace is a new gamemode where players can use their upgradable NFTs and put them on a racetrack. Players don't have any control during the race and rewards are calculated by our algorithms.

How ChipRace Works?

Every NFT car is going to have 4 different stats:
  • Rarity - determines which ChipRace pools NFT can join.
  • Top speed - top mining speed of an NFT (i.e 0.03 CRACE/min).
  • Acceleration - how fast top mining speed can be reached.
  • Nitro - mining speed coefficient in the last 10% of the time (i.e 1.2x in the last 15 min).
  • Handling - maximum racing/mining time for an NFT car.
All those values will be picked up by the ChipRace smart contract which will also take the players NFT car.
What defines ChipRace:
  • Passive income for NFT owners
  • The more NFT is upgraded, the more it can earn passive income.
  • No maximum amount per wallet.
  • Only can done once per 24h / per NFT

CR Rumble

CR Rumble is a gamemode, where all the stats that are upgraded can be used inside the game. This style is similar to P2E multiplayer, but fair play is not present. All NFTs will have different top speed, acceleration, nitro and handling variables. This is controlled by CSP 2.0, where all the variables are taken into account.
What defines CR Rumble:
  • Upgraded NFTs will have an advantage.
  • 10% of the prize pool will be redistributed to staking pools, ChipRace pools and fees.
  • Only players with NFT cars can race.
  • Different tiers for different level cars.

When Will Beta Roll Out?

Coinracer Team has decided to roll out Beta version gradually over February and March.
Beta Release details will change as we develop it - find those details in our announcement Telegram channel.